The Dessert Angel Review

13 07 2013 so miserable WOW. I think it was the owner, today, I had a meeting, because if not, he should be released immediately. My article of orderly woman birthday for my daughter, it is to collect a Saturday. According to their website, around 16 00, so I called my wife to about 12. 30 Saturday. Speaks it of the man said to him closed at 13:00. 00 instead of 4 Saturday, so I rushed to article before closing to receive. When I arrived on the elements, wife (so nice) said that it would be closed elements Saturday could call in time to gather their belongings, they nice, if you, the customer want since early this day there. (White old, bald) The man said: who finished behind the counter and there in particular, he said that my wife has closed earlier that day. When I went to him, saying that my wife had an incredible memory and can be almost impossible, as stock, it has made a mistake and that he was safe. It is true, I knew that my wife was, was unbearable, as it was an error to the client, not knowing who it was that client. I took the items to your shopping cart and immediately called my wife to make sure that he had said about the early closure, because I knew that I must say. He told me that it was impossible, says nothing about premature closure at any point in the conversation. At that time, he was very angry, so I went to let him know that he spoke to him just and she said. In one, extremely arrogant and insulting this man continue to exist, that the fault belonged to my wife. Leave, I said that this service and horrible experience lousy customer much more that what I'm doing, because I would like to share my experience with everyone I knew. Begins at this time, me threatened to charge him. Dear Mr. Patticakes owner, is not a threat, if a client says that his conduct towards them to line and others to listen to. What this man does not understand or doesn't recognize is that an unhappy customer will result in more than 1. personal will be poorly 000, not to mention the negative review in this forum. Ironically, make negative comments here their bad attitude - is not at all surprising to me. Update: a few minutes after his arrival at home, my wife told me that he had named Mike (the person that I could find) and left a message on his voice mail, which suggests that it was not a nice man and someone very badly (because the bad behavior he) accused threatening me to its subject. He also said that it would be called 1 (closed since), to tell him that he had a job, which was not and could not be taken. Really? Thank you for calling to make sure, that the the dessert angel review customer knows that they collect objects cannot. Customer service is. I guarantee you Mike. Many of my friends, who are your customers will stop your business due to this unique paternalism. I offer its position, adjust, because you're not the only village in the area, which they things jaws, you the only one with be owner, has a bad attitude and terrible customer service. This is not a threat against you, but the bad publicity for your business, and you are solely responsible. Moreover, this incident could easily have avoided saying sorry, maybe we forgot to tell you, but in my experience and other reviews on this site, which is not how to do business, .